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Keith Kimball

I'm a serious amateur with a minimalist approach to photography, relying on natural lighting in natural settings. Primarily in black and white photography, using basic digital and film camera equipment, lends itself to my simplistic artistic style. The earthy feel of city streets and their aging buildings and infrastructure are as inspiring as being in the midst of a serene open field or a wooded water front.

The challenge of working with the surroundings with which you are presented will at times rely on the spontaneity of the moment or the adventure of going places you would not normally go, thus creating shots with much more interest, hence; street photography.

Whether shooting old weathered buildings, bridges, architectural details, unusual objects and people, reflections, shadows and silhouettes, the unknown or unexpected, or a combination of them all, the enjoyment of capturing the moment is very satisfying. And I hope the viewer will agree.

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